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We understand the paramount importance of having the correct compliance certifications to ensure that as an organisation we act within the correct health and safety, environmental and other leading authorities’ standards and legal guidelines.

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Environmental policy

The employees of FS Waste Solutions recognise their responsibilities for the safe collection, handling and disposal of waste materials regarding the environment. These responsibilities are further defined as follows:

  • To ensure that all collection vehicles used are fully maintained and operate within the parameters laid down in Ministry of Transport legislation.
  • To ensure that all drivers are properly trained in the use of vehicles and equipment.
  • To ensure that all drivers comply with the regulations governing the safe transportation of waste.
  • To ensure that all disposal facilities, used by the company, are properly licensed by the Environment Agency and that the licences are available for inspection when called for.
  • To ensure that all Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste will only be disposed of at such sites suitably licensed to take those waste.
  • To ensure that company personnel visiting disposal facilities have due regard for those facilities’ Health and Safety and Environmental policies.
  • To ensure that all company personnel are aware of their responsibilities generally under the Environmental protection Act 1990 and specifically under section 34 ‘Duty of Care’.
  • To ensure that all transactions are documented under Environmental Agency guidelines and the EPA 1990.
  • To explore every avenue with a view to re-cycling the maximum possible amount of waste, thereby reducing to a minimum the volume of waste going to landfill sites and recovering value and energy.
  • To ensure that, where possible, liquid waste goes to either to a re-cycling facility or to a treatment plant.
It is the companies aim to achieve environmental excellence by continually reviewing and improving our environmental performance.

Health and safety policy

Company responsibilities:
We are satisfied that establishing and enforcing appropriate measures to control and monitor health and Safety procedures, is a vital part of running the business as an efficient and successful operation.  

To this end we will:
  • Ensure that working practices are safe and offer no risk to health.
  • Ensure that all necessary precautions are taken in respect to the safe use. Handling, storage and transport of materials and substances.
  • Provide such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of all employees.
  • Maintain all places of work, equipment and vehicles under our control in a safe condition, free from risk to health.
  • Provide such equipment as is necessary for the welfare of employees.
  • Ensure that we safeguard the health and safety of our clients, employees and any members of the general public, who may be affected by our activities.
  • Provide all necessary information relating to the health and safety in respect to our services.
  • Review and update the policy as and when necessary, particularly in respect of major changes within the company, and/or changes in legislation.